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Review into workplace bullying announced

Review into workplace bullying announced.


Here is a chance to have your say if you or someone you know was bullied. The Federal Parliament of Australia has asked a Parliamentary Standing Committee to hold an inquiry into workplace bullying. Make suggestions or just tell your story. You can make a submission without fear that someone can sue you. In making a submission you are protected by Parliamentary Privilege so you are immune from legal action. If you still work where the bullying is taking place and are worried about reprisals then you can make a confidential submission. For all the information you need follow the links on the following link (copy paste into your browser if necessary):




Westmead Hospital Whistleblowers

Westmead Hospital Whistleblowers is serialising and account of the bullying of Dr Michael Cole at Westmead Hospital for blowing the whistle on the harm done to babies at Westmead Hospital as a result of the administration’s failure to act when alerted to the lack of clinical competence of Professor Tarnow Mordi.

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School children are still killing themselves rather than face bullying.

Friends say classmate killed himself after bullying on sexuality, says WSMV reporter Deanna Lambert on Dec 8, 2011
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Students at a local school are grieving a classmate. Friends say the young man took his own life because he couldn’t take any more bullying.

They say school officials knew about the torment but didn’t do enough to stop it. But Cheatham County Schools Director Dr. Tim Webb said the school was only aware of one incident of bullying. There was some intervention, but apparently no formal follow up.

Jacob Rogers felt that no one was listening to him or standing up for him. He dropped out of school. Finally he killed himself.

Jacob’s friend Kaelynn wonders how many more have to die before Cheatham County School does something?

Index of recent posts

Millions of Health Dollars Wasted by Sydney West Area Health Service.
Millions of dollars wasted by Sydney West Local Health District on reprisals against Lyn Downe at Nepean Hospital.

Millions more taxpayer’s dollars wasted by Sydney West Local Health District.
Dr Michael Cole, the Westmead Hospital Whistleblower, exposes the William Tarnow Mordi scandal at Westmead Hospital.

Is William Tarnow Mordi still experimenting on babies?
Julie Robotham and the Sydney Morning Herald ask why Sydney West Local Health District still allows the discredited William Tarnow Mordi to be in charge of experiments on babies in the neonatal intensive care unit at Westmead Hospital.

 Sydney West Local Health District Lied
Sydney West Local Health District covers up the delay in removing William Tarnow Mordi from directing the treatment protocols and policies in the neonatal intensive care unit at Westmead Hospital.

Bullying, Mobbing, Reprisals and Whistleblowing Resources
An extensive collection of links relating to whistleblowing, reprisals, mobbing and bullying.

 Whatever happened to Bryan McKee Hata
Sydney West Local Health District’s pursuit of Brian McKee Hata.

Bullying in the Schoolyard Is Not the Same as Workplace Bullying by Janice Harper
Janice Harper’s insightful article.

Bullying in the Schoolyard Is Not the Same as Workplace Bullying by Janice Harper

Janice Harper distinguishes bulling from Mobbing in her Huffington Post article.

“In workplace bullying, the instigators are very often people in positions of organizational leadership. Reporting a bully in the workplace puts the worker at risk of being targeted for ever more aggression if the person they charge with bullying has authority or influence over other workers. When that happens, workers quickly mobilize to protect their own interests, align with management, and recast the reporting worker as a trouble maker who must be removed from the workplace. This latter process is termed “mobbing,” which is distinct from bullying in that it involves a group of people who become increasingly aggressive and increase in size provided they have been told by management that a worker is unwanted, that any reports about the worker are encouraged, and that any adversarial action taken against the worker is acceptable….

“People behave very differently in groups than they do as individuals….

“The process of mobbing and the nature of group aggression has been poorly explored and rarely discussed in the anti-bullying literature, and the paucity of information on mobbing in comparison to that of bullying is striking.”

There is some research which supports Janice Harper’s view.

The Milgram experiments on obedience to authority showed that most people can be encouraged to commit immoral acts if they are sanctioned by those in authority.

And Zimbardo performed an experiment in which one grouped ‘mobbed’ another group of volunteers to such a degree that the experiment had to be stopped in just 6 days because the behavior had become so psychologically violent. It is interesting that Dr Zimbardo did recognize the behavior as violent but not recognize the behavior as ‘mobbing’.

read more of the Janice Harper article here:

Is William Tarnow Mordi still experimenting on babies?

Disgraced doctor William Tarnow Mordi was allowed to quietly stand down from treating babies in the Centre for Newborn Care, the Neonatal Intensive care Unit, at Westmead Hospital after whistleblower Dr Michael Cole alerted authorities to Tarnow Mordi’s lack of competence and an external investigation found that he should not be allowed to treat babies.

But despite this scandal Tarnow Mordi, a University of Sydney Professor, was allowed to remain as Director of the unit and to manage research on the babies he was not allowed to treat. He was promoted to Director of neonatal trials at the National Health and Medical Research Council’s clinical trials unit.

The Human Research Ethics Committee at Westmead Hospital ignored complaints that Tarnow Mordi continued to experiment on babies after his clinical privileges were removed in July 2009. Dr Cole and another doctor wrote to the Human Research Ethics Committee’s Chairman, Professor Stephen Leeder, expressing concerns. The doctor’s concerns were ignored.

The same concerns remain unanswered. Are the parents who agree to experiments being performed on their babies fully informed about the professional status of Tarnow Mordi who has no clinical privileges and is not allowed to treat babies? Or are parents misled, believing that their babies are under the competent care of a University of Sydney professor and Director of the NHMRC neonatal trials unit?