Sydney West Local Health District Lied

Sydney West Local health Network Lied. That is not a surprise.

Initially Sydney West Local Health District (SWLHD) told Julie Robotham of the Sydney Morning Herald that William Tarnow Mordi, the disgraced director of the Westmead Neonatal Unit, had been allowed to step down quietly in August 2008. See Millions More Taxpayers Dollars wasted by Sydney West Local Health District in this blog.

Finally SWLHD admitted that Tarnow Mordi had been allowed to stay on as researcher and director of the Unit until his contract expired in December 2009. During this time he remained in charge of treatment protocols, governance and the safety of the babies in the Unit. SMH Here.

SWLHD and its predecessor Sydney West Area Health Service covered up the Tarnow Mordi scandal for nearly a decade. Junior nurses and doctors including Dr Michael Cole had told an external investigation by Professor Ross Haslam in 2001 that they did not know who to turn to when they were concerned by the management given to babies in the Unit.

Taxpayers and parents of babies who were harmed or died in the Westmead Neonatal Unit during this time should contact their Members of Parliament to demand a Judicial Inquiry into Tarnow Mordi’s appointment and SWLHD’s decade long cover up.

The Hon Jillian Skinner, Minister for Health can be contacted at
Level 31, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney 2000
Phone 9228 5229, Fax 9228 5877

Contact details for other Memebrs of Parliament can be downloaded from here.