Whatever happened to Bryan Mckee Hata

Bryan McKee Hata was a caring senior nurse at Westmead Hospital until he was suspended by Sydney West Local Health District (called Sydney West Area health Service   at the time) for allegedly writing at least 26 letters. The letters documented serious concerns about care and the bullying tactics used at Westmead Hospital. SMH article

The letters were  written to the Premier of NSW, the Ministers of Health and the Director of NSW Health and others.

McKee Hata denied writing the letters but had no alternative but to resign. Ms Chris Ronalds SC.

If the issues were serious or if they involved substandard care to patients or bullying of those staff who spoke out on behalf of the patients, then the question is this: Were these serious matters investigated and by whom and what were the findings?

We have heard about the persecution of McKee Hata by the Area (District), but nothing about whether the Department of Health has investigating the complaints and put strategies in place to protect the patients and staff.


3 Comments on “Whatever happened to Bryan Mckee Hata”

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  3. Anonymous says:

    There is a dark side to this story. Bryan allegedly terrorises staff at royal north shore hospital, many complaints have been filed against him. Westmead were trying to get rid of toxic people.

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