Whistleblower Austrlia

This blog aims to support Whistleblowers in Australia and to fight reprisals, bullying and mobbing.

Whistleblowing is a legitimate method, and often the only method, of alerting the public to fraud, waste and deplorable behavior by those in charge of private companies and public services. The same private companies and public services make it part of their Code of Conduct that such disclosures are grounds for immediate dismissal and include disciplinary policies which allow reprisals through bullying.

The Media is the one of the most powerful and essential forces maintaining free speech. Not surprisingly, going to the Media is often grounds for dismissal. Going to the media in any useful way is also not allowed by the Australian Protected (or Public) Disclosures Acts. If dismissal and disciplinary action are not an issue, then going to the media can be very effective.

Often the disclosure that could be made is of no interest to the the established Media. In that case the Independent Media, Social Networking Sites or Anonymous sites might be useful.

Before writing comments to this blog, if you are disclosing anything (whistleblowing) one should ensure one’s anonymity by:

  • not using a work computer, and
  • downloading and installing the Tor bundle on your computer, and
  • using Tor and Firefox to write to this or any site when one wishes to remain anonymous. One must NOT visit any other site like your own hotmail, banking or other sites connected to you while doing this, and
  • not saying anything that can only have come from you. Nor saying anything that could identify you. Nor saying anything that only you could know, and
  • logging out of Tor and Firefox when you have finished writing to the blog or other site. Only then can you open another browser (or browser session) and visit the sites that may be associated with you.

This site is not the whistleblowers Australia support site Whistleblowers Australia Inc which can be found at www.whistleblowers.org.au .

One Comment on “Whistleblower Austrlia”

  1. Underage says:

    Do the same disclosure rules apply to your website? I hope not for your sake. you exposed my identity as a minor? I intend to find out.

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